Upload SOHO Template with FTP Client
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Tutorial: How to upload a Custom SOHO Template with an FTP Client 

Step 1 - Download and install the Free FileZilla FTP Client

Step 2 - Unzip the Custom Template file to your hard drive. In my example I will use one of my templates called "HEALTH-Alternative_Green-FW. So the zipped file that I will unzip is HEALTH-Alternative_Green-FW.zip

Once it's unzipped, you will see your Template Folder that contains your actual Template. In my example, the folder I will see is HEALTH-Alternative_Green-FW

Step 3 - Assuming you have already tried uploading the .zip template with SOHO's file manager, you would need to rename this folder to something else like HEALTH-Alternative_Green-FW2. If you haven't tried the Template Manager method yet, you can leave the folder name as is and skip to Step 4

Step 4 - Fire up (Open) FileZilla and follow these instructions:

  • Type: ftp.yourdomain.co.za in the Address field
  • Type: yourusername in the User Field
  • Type: yourpassword in the Password field

You should have gotten this information from your Web Host in some sort of "Welcome Email"


Click QuickConnect


Double-Click on the public_html folder on the right-hand side panel. (this is referred to as the "root" folder of your website and it can differ from server to server. It can be public_html, htdocs, httpdocs, wwwroot etc., again, your Web Host should have given you this info already) 


You need to browse deeply into the "sohoadmin" folder. So the easiest would be to copy the following string and paste it in the "Remote Site" Field on the right, right after the last "/" I.e. paste right after /public_html/ and hit Enter on the keyboard.

This is the string or path: sohoadmin/program/modules/site_templates/pages


If you have done it correctly - you will see a list of Existing Templates on the right now. Notice the "path" in the "Remote Site" Field.


Now - on the left side is your pc files. Browse to folder containing your unzipped Custom Template


Once you see your Template Folder, CLICK and DRAG it across to the left hand side pane as in the image below. This will copy your Custom Template across to your server.


Once the complete folder has been copied across, you can exit FileZilla.

Step 5 - Login to your SOHO Admin and choose your new template under the "Template Manager"

And that's it!  Smile 




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