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How to Resize Images for use on Fixed Width Templates
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I often get asked where I get my Stock Photos from...


How to Resize Images for use on Fixed Width Templates

How to resize images for the web using the free Graphics Editing software PhotoPlus 6

This short tutorial will guide you to open, resize and save any photo or image. Grab a free copy of this software from Serif’s Website (File is +-22MB in size. You will require to register with them to get the free license code)

Step 1

Open PhotoPlus 6

You will see a screen like this:



Click on “Open Saved Work” – then Click Browse

Browse to the folder that contains the image you want to manipulate, select then click Open

The Image will now be displayed and is ready to be edited.

Step 2

Now click on “Image” on the Main Menu, then select “Image Size…”

On the next screen, Leave everything as Default and JUST change either the Width of your image to a new size, or the Height to a new size. Then Drag the Arrow at “Resampling Method” to “Quality”.

For Instance, My original Image size in this example was 380px Width By 299px Height (px stands for Pixels) If I want my new image to be a thumbnail for instance, I would choose a new width of 120px

So now the screen should look like this. When done, click ok.

When done, my image will look like this:

Step 3

Now click “File”, then select “Save Original As” and save your new image to a folder of your choice and a name of your choice.


Help In General

Naming your images:

I generally use descriptive names, no spaces and I indicate whether it’s my thumbnail image or a big image.
For instance:
The image I used above I will now save as
“something-something-thumb.gif” or
“something_something_thumb.gif” but never as
“something something thumb.gif”

Ideal Image Sizes:

For thumbnails I normally use 150 x 113 pixels (Width x Height)
For large images I use 450 x 338 pixels (Width x Height)
If you really have to use a very large image, the largest I suggest would be 600 x 450 pixels. Anything bigger just becomes a pain for your visitor…

Ideal extension to save images in:

I prefer .gif extension as it’s the best compression to use for web pages. Another popular extension is .jpg or .jpeg.

Download this Tutorial (Requires Adobe PDF Reader)

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How to Resize Images for use on Fixed Width Templates
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