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I often get asked where I get my Stock Photos from...


Welcome to my Soho Templates Showcase!

I design templates specifically for use with Soholaunch Website Builder . All the Soholaunch templates you see here can be purchased through Soholaunch Addons Website .

I showcase  the Soholauch templates in order to show the full effect of the template , as to what it would like in a live environment.

Templates are Categorized for easy browsing and finding a template to suit your specific needs. Check back often to see what’s new!

Example Screenshots

What is Soholaunch Website Builder?

Soholaunch Pro Edition is a software product that makes it easy for people of all experience levels to create and maintain a great website. It reins-in the hard parts of building a website and presents them in a way that the non-geek can understand and control.

Pro Edition helps you get started in minutes , then stays with you every step of the way as you grow your website, from a few basic content pages to web blogs , event calendars , email newsletters , member logins , online shopping , and beyond . It's an online editor so you can edit your website ANYTIME, ANYPLACE!

Why do I design templates for Soholaunch Website Builder?

Because I feel that it is the best CMS (Content Management Systems) I have encountered so far . I am not a geek, for most part I am an average website developer still designing static web pages. Soholaunch gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge whilst building powerful content driven websites in a small amount of time with no knowledge required. I didn’t need a rocket science degree to quickly understand and use it. It contains no funny terms and computer geek language. Plain English.

Soholaunch offered me to use my skills as Designer to concentrate on designing, not on how to space boxes, menus and the complicated task of getting content displayed. Which up to meeting up with Soholaunch, was my experience with other Content Management Systems.

I believed so strongly in it, that I convinced our company (eDisc CC) to invest in purchasing a server license to do the hosting of Soholaunch websites! Maybe that gives you an indication! In fact, I started converting +- 40 sites that I have developed to work with Soholaunch Pro Edition. I considered it a valuable investment for our Company, because Clients always wants to “update my own website”. Which up to now, they were not able to do…

Well, that’s it for now. I trust you will find this website at least enjoyable! But, if I may be so bold, I suggest you invest in Soholaunch as well… or, at least, sign up with a hosting company that supports it . Blatant self-advertising, I know.  :)

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